My name is Jim and for the past 8 years, I’ve been right where you are sitting now.

Taking each day, one at a time, working my butt off to make my dreams a reality, and provide for my family. 

Like you, every day I faced challenges, unique to that of a small business.

And, sadly, “I failed again and again.”



Here’s the truth. Failure is relative. There are some people who earn millions of dollars per year and yet still fall into depression (or worse, decide that life is no longer worth living).

Others can barely rub two nickels together and have lives and hearts overflowing with joy.

I want to help you be successful in your business in a way that is right for YOU. NO ONE ELSE.


By bringing you information suited for today’s busy solopreneur.

    • Easily digestible. 

    • No big time commitment

    • Encouraging and actionable.

    • Focused on what’s important instead of what’s trending


You may have a “little” business, but it’s only “little” insomuch that it’s not as “big” as you would like or need. Or when compared to ACME Corp, it’s “little.”


But as a fellow “little” business owner myself, I know that the problems we deal with are NOT little.

    • We have families to support

    • We have dreams to realize

    • We have to subsist: physically, spiritually, and emotionally


Your business may be little. Your problems and dreams are not.

Let’s enter this new decade with a new and committed determination to succeed, in whichever way that looks best to us. And let’s do it…together.


Jim Miesner

PS: I hope you find some value in this blog and stick around. If you are struggling and just need someone to talk to, then please reach out via the contact form with your email or phone number. You are not alone.